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18131Re: [Y-Mail] What's up with the classic mail front page?

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  • Wolfgang Exler
    Aug 2, 2009
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      At 2009-08-01 23:05, you wrote:
      >The standard line up of news links is missing, and now has been
      >replaced with the following, displayed in tabs horizontally, but the
      >only tab that shows anything is Top Stories. The rest don't have
      active links.
      > * Top Stories
      > * Buzz
      > * Entertainment
      > * Sports
      > * World
      >What's up with that?

      I think Yahoo! has a few big problems currently. I use a Yahoo Mail
      Plus Account and a Smallbusiness account. Even if I live in germany,
      I use the US site from Yahoo. Since a few month I can not allways
      retrieve my email with a mailclient using POP3 acceess like Outlook.
      I allway get authentication failure, webaccess works fine. Then I
      noticed, that I could not upload files via FTP to the websites. After
      a few days in contact with support (and no solution of the problem) I
      found that I must have to got to the change passwort page, enter my
      old password and DO NOT change the password. So, after doing that, I
      could upload my files with ftp and retrieve my email with pop3. I
      sent this information to customer service. The only answer I got was
      an automated notification. A few weeks late, just two weeks ago, I
      cluld not use webmail as I got a blank white website after login.
      Contacts, Calendar and Notepad was working, but Email did not. Again
      I contacted support, they could not verify my problem. So I changed
      my password and asked the Yahoo support staff to logon with my
      credentials to verify my problem. And they got the same problem as
      me. The Yahoo support people recommenden to switch to the new mail,
      where everythings seems to be working. But after a few hours I
      recognized that my smallbusiness mail was not accessible. So I
      changed the Yahoo content to Yahoo UK to keep english language, and
      then I could access webmail again including smallbusiness email.
      Again I sent this information to yahoo custermer service. But just
      two days later, the same problem occured with UK settings. Then I
      tried German settings and I worked with the german settings until
      yesterday. Yesterday I received a email from yahoo that my problems
      was fixed, which is still true currently.

      I have no idea what they do there, but I assume they have (maybe new)
      programmers which are not aware of all dependencies within Yahoo's
      applications which may cause this problems

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