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18074Re: Changing List of Emails and Email Content Boxes

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  • shazen27
    Jul 10, 2009
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      I have the same exact problem. It's the box to hide advertisement on the right pane of the mailbox. It's the message that says to get rid of the ad, upgrade to premium. There is a checkbox that asks you not to display the message again, and yet, every time that message is displayed. I understand that this is a free service, and as a result we are subject to advertisements. I can even understand clicking the arrow to collapse the ad every time, but when the pop-up box says to get rid of this get mail plus, and has a check box to stop the pop-up from reappearing, please really make it go away when we check the box. Thanks!

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "wgstrauss" <wgstrauss@...> wrote:
      > On the right side of the boxes listing each email and the email content
      > itself is a small triangular arrow. Clicking that arrow causes both
      > boxes to expand horizontally to a usable size (sometimes a popup asks me
      > if I want to use Yahoo Expanded Mail and a checkbox for indicating that
      > I do not want to see the popup again--unfortunately I still get the
      > popup from time to time), where all the info about the email and the
      > email content is not cutoff on the right.
      > However, the boxes may remain that way for a short time but will always
      > revert to the short size and cutoff content until I click on the arrow
      > again. And so on and so on. How can I get those boxes to remain
      > elongated? It seems to me that this wasn't a problem too long ago.
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