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  • JG
    Jun 1, 2009
        I like your idea better Kenneth!  Why didn't I think of doing it that way!  Those brackets ([]) around the group title seem to be oddball characters and I have to copy and paste them to make it work!  Your solution is much simpler and more elegant!  THANKS!
        I have learned, painfully, that the user must remember that any box you fill in is a required condition and the logic is strict "AND MUST"!  And, if you ever edit the folder names and change the receiving folder's name, the filter won't work unless you go back and edit the filter again and choose the new folder name.

      From: Kenneth postkenny-ygroups@...
      Or you could just filter on all emails sent TO the group's email address, e.g., the TO/CC header set to Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com.  All emails you receive from the group are actually sent to the group.

      Perhaps Roslyn is filtering for emails received FROM the group's email address.  You might expect that to work but the FROM header is actually taken up by the email address of the group member who posted the message to the group.
      From: garphoon <garphoon@...>
        I have several filters to collect groups mail and they work 99.99% of the time.
        I copy the subject line of an incoming message and paste it into the "subject" box of the filter.  I edit out everything but "[groupname] ", including all leading and following spaces.  Then I choose the already created folder I made to send it to, and remember to save it.  If you fill in more than one box, remember, they all must be "true" for the filter to work.  Use as few as possible.
      hth, ~Jim
      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups. com, "Roslyn Lamb" <rosgroupsaccount@ ...> wrote:
      > Hi all, I'm new and launching in with a problem right away. Well, 2 actually.
      > Months ago I created a mail filter (one of only 2, so not exceeding my limit)to move all incoming mail from a discussion group into a specific folder. It has NEVER worked. I have checked it several times, edited, rechecked, etc, etc, etc, but the only way I can get all the many messages from that group into the folder is to do it manually.
      > Today in desperation I decided to ask for tech help - thus the second problem. The Tech Support form won't load. I went to help, contact us, Tech Support Form. Nothing. Blank white page, with 'done' at the bottom. Reloading the page several times made no difference.
      > So - what to do?     > Ros
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