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  • Roslyn Lamb
    May 31, 2009
      Hi all, I'm new and launching in with a problem right away. Well, 2 actually.

      Months ago I created a mail filter (one of only 2, so not exceeding my limit)to move all incoming mail from a discussion group into a specific folder. It has NEVER worked. I have checked it several times, edited, rechecked, etc, etc, etc, but the only way I can get all the many messages from that group into the folder is to do it manually.

      Today in desperation I decided to ask for tech help - thus the second problem. The Tech Support form won't load. I went to help, contact us, Tech Support Form. Nothing. Blank white page, with 'done' at the bottom. Reloading the page several times made no difference.

      So - what to do?

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