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17773Re: How to reply always with > (or plain text)

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  • Donna
    May 2, 2009
      I should in the future for those that like plain text keep all my
      replies at the top then to make my replies easier to find. :) Thank you
      for pointing out that not everyone uses HTML. I will have to remember
      that. It is hard to hightlight in plain text.

      Maybe I could use [brackets] when needed too or maybe "quotes". :)
      Either way would be easy to use too in plain text. I had not thought
      about that - LOL.

      Too many >> in my opinion make an email too messy but that is just me. I
      have recieved email with up to 6 > in front of a line. I really detest
      that. I also do not like several blues lines at the left of the replies.
      I have yet to learn how to remove those confounded blue lines! They are
      hard to remove if there is a photo that one wants to share with friends.


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "sarahksmom" <sarahksmom@...> wrote:

      Your solution does nothing for people who prefer plain text. The red
      type will not show up. It stays just as messy in a different way. If you
      don't like the angle brackets (many do, because it keeps it clear who
      said what), then it would be helpful if you could employ some other way
      of attributing quotes, and marking them as quotes, that doesn't involve
      HTML or rich text manipulation. Some people type the writer's name in
      caps followed by a colon, as if it were dialog in a script.

      Miriam Solon
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