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16800Re: [Y-Mail] Users on "special" farms

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  • Cindy Cozad-Rudinger
    Oct 8, 2008
      I have a single button mouse, but I decided to try alt-click on the Yahoo logo, but that didn't work. How would I find my farm?

      ---T. Freligh <tfreligh@...> wrote:
      > Alt-LeftClick still works. It gives you three lines of
      > info: version, build, date. And then the line after it says
      > something like "web30803.mail.mud.yahoo.com".
      > That's your farm- I'm on f308, hence the web308
      > part. Hope this helps...
      > Cheers,
      > Tai
      > From: Vincent Jorrand <vjorrand@...>
      > That used to be easy: Alt-LeftClick the Yahoo!Mail logo in
      > the top left and it would tell you.
      > Now you need to do "View Page Source" and search
      > for the word farm, it will show a like like:
      > 'farm': '318',
      > which tells me I am on farm 318.
      > If the source you see does not have the "farm"
      > text in it try to view the source for another part of the
      > page.
      > Also I guess that the Alt-LeftClick on the Yahoo!Mail logo
      > also provides all the info Ryan wants: it includes the
      > application version (1.5.0 for me) and the build number and
      > date (1155.6 and 9/30/2008 for me)
      > Vincent
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