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16611Re: [Y-Mail] Re: New Extra Email addy and Yahoogroups Question

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  • Charlie Collins
    Sep 7, 2008
      I went to one to a group that has had very little traffic recently and sent a test email using the address with the dot in it. YG accepted and posted the message. The only thing is the dot address did not show as the sender it showed my main Yahoo email address. I sent the mail from Yahoo Mail and not the Mac Mail.app
      or Thunderbird. I wanted my dot address to show and NOT my main address. So, I guess I will not be using Yahoo for mail after all. I'll stick with Mailplane and Gmail(or Fastmail.fm).


      On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 10:47, jmchaur <jmchaur@...> wrote:
      This is actually a Groups issue not a mail issue, but that said...

      When you go to your groups account, and click on show all for your
      groups, there should be an 'edit email preferences' link.  click this,
      then click the 'add email address' link to add the new alias to your
      groups account.  just creating it in mail does not add it to groups.


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