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16587Paying for Y! Mail Plus

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  • Stephen Byers
    Sep 4, 2008
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      I (finally) sold my home and was trying to change the address associated with my credit card registered in the Yahoo! Wallet that is used to pay for my Y! Mail Plus each year.  When I attempted to update the information about the credit card I got an error.  I did that two or three times and got a call from Capital One today asking me to verify activity on the account - namely two $1 charges from Yahoo!.  I was never able to update my address online and I wasn't even able to add a new credit card to my Y! Wallet, but for some reason these two pending charges were made, I assume, to validate the address.

      Anyone have any recent issues with any of this?  My luck they will cancel my Y! Mail Plus service because of something I can't control.