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16570Re: Missing scroll bar in inbox and other folder

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  • quantum_flux2
    Aug 27, 2008
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      When I upgraded to FireFox 3.0.1, the vertical scroll bar in the
      preview pane vanished...yet the scroll bar is still visible in the
      reading pane....running on Windows XP Service Pack 3.

      When I go to Yahoo Mail on IE7, all of the scroll bars are just where
      they should be.

      I can force the vertical scroll bar to appear for the preview pane by
      using the Firefox add-on called "Stylish" but this isn't a good
      solution because scroll bars appear everywhere....using the following
      css code inside Stylish: body *{overflow-y: auto !important;}

      Something changed in Firefox or Yahoo Mail and there is no setting
      that I can find as a user to fix it. Hopefully if enough people
      report it to Yahoo they'll fix it soon.
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