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16458Accessing External Pop Account in yahoo mail

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  • askjigar
    Aug 1, 2008
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      I am trying to access External Pop Account in yahoo mail as described
      here. http://help.yahoo.com/tutorials/mail/mail/ext_access1.html

      I registered 3 accounts on my domain server. I can access one of them
      correctly in yahoo mail. But not the other two. And error is

      The following error occurred when fetching your external mail:


      i can configure same email on my PIM client. Same configuration. It woks.

      I don't know why only for these 2 accounts. my email for the same is
      mail@... and mailme@...

      And one more interesting thing i noted...might be coincidence...any
      email address with 'mail' in it does not configure with yahoo.
      Earlier i tried with one of my account mailjigar@......It
      didn't worked.

      I am trying to use yahoo mail as my primary mail and this is very
      crucial for me.

      Please Help

      I asked customer care and they sent me some replies. But they are not
      confirming is it an issue with name or something else. Are they are
      going to fix it any soon ? Last customercare email was with some id in
      subject as KMM129009975V70173L0KM.

      Thanks in advance.