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16194Importing from Yahoo Mail Plus account to new Ymail

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  • Steve
    Jul 3, 2008
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      Yahoo Mail has been my default mail client for a long time now and I
      was particularly pleased to add a new Ymail account.

      Only thing is, following using Truesync, inbox messages from my Yahoo
      Mail were imported to my new Ymail account inbox along with my
      sub-folders - except the sub-folders (over 30 of 'em) are all empty.

      Can I get these sub-folder messages into their new account equivalent
      folders? What's the easiest way to do this?

      I use Yahoo Mail Plus and I'd like to gradually go over to the new
      Ymail account as my main account (changing this to a Plus account)
      depending on whether I can transfer all my various info, messages, etc.

      I use the Calendar too on a daily basis and know I can export/import
      all my entries as .CSV to bring that info into the new Ymail account.
      Truesync failed to import my Calendar items even though there is a
      check-box for this.

      My Notepad has a number of entries too though I could probably
      copy/paste those to the new account.

      Thanks for any advice.
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