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15930Delay in mail retrieved from other POP3 servers showing up in Yahoo Mail Inbox

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  • morac1974
    May 29 1:01 PM
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      I noticed today that when I used Yahoo Mail to retrieve mail from a
      non-Yahoo POP3 server, it took a few minutes for that message to then
      appear in my Inbox. Normally it just immediately shows up.

      I decided to run a test with another webmail provider. I have Yahoo
      set up to grab all mail from that provider and then delete the mail,
      all using POP3.

      I sent an email to my non-Yahoo account and then verified that it was
      received. I then used Yahoo Mail to get the email from the other
      provider using POP3 (under the Check Mail pulldown).

      At this point the mail was gone from my other provider (meaning Yahoo
      grabbed and deleted it), but it was not in my Yahoo Inbox. I kept
      hitting "Check Mail" in Yahoo Mail periodically and it showed up about
      2 minutes later.

      To see if it was just Yahoo being slow, I sent an email to my Yahoo
      address and it showed up immediately.

      So where did the email that Yahoo retrieved via POP3 go for two minutes?
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