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  • daynelloconor
    May 5, 2008
      If M$ does take over, what will happen? Won't everything still run the

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Sasafrass <sasafrass452@...> wrote:
      > It does seem likely that M$ will make another offer, & if the deal
      > happens, I'll be moving to Google. I'm ready, whether it's a week, a
      > month, or year from now, my Gmail account is waiting....
      > Lloyd Haskins wrote:
      > > It will indeed be interesting to see what happens when the stock
      > > market opens on Monday. So sad that folks want to get a big offer
      > > their Yahoo! shares and sell it, not caring what happens to the
      > > company itself when Microsoft gets their hands on it and ruins it.
      > > the stock goes down, Microsoft tries again, the stock goes back up,
      > > rinse, repeat.
      > >
      > > Well, I have my exit strategery still in place should MS get its
      > > on Yahoo! and mess it up by switching to Microsoft technology.
      > >
      > > Too bad that Yahoo! doesn't try to make more money off of, say,
      > > expanding the Y!Mail Plus program to have more features like .Mac
      > > <http://www.apple.com/dotmac/> does. .Mac is way overpriced, IMHO,
      > > but I'd pay $60/yr. to Yahoo! to get all those features, with the
      > > exception of remote computer access. Or charge me $35/yr. for Y!Mail
      > > Plus and no ads on any Yahoo! page.
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