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15544A "Flag" problem

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  • panevis
    Apr 1, 2008
      Hello everyone,

      I have found a flag problem in my YMail (new)Classic. I flag a
      message, then I sort my messages by flagged messages. So all my
      flagged messages should appear, but this special message does not
      appear in the list! I am really surprised!

      I even tried this: I marked the message by clicking the check
      mark, and then selected "Falg for follow-up". So the message was
      flagged. Then I sorted my messages by flagged messages. But again, the
      messages didn't appear in the list!

      And the interesting part is that, I have this problem with just
      this special message! I tested flagging and then viewing by sorting
      flagged messages for some other messages, and they have no problem
      with this.

      Please help!