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15408Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Latest Yahoo Mail upgrade - thank you very much

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  • S. J. "Jay" Bienvenu
    Mar 5, 2008
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      It's good that there is a solution, but I wouldn't call it a great solution. It's very easy to forget to hold down the Shift button in a case like this, and I bet that a lot of people will forget and end up losing templates. I'd rather see a separate folder for templates and/or interoperability with Notepad.
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2008 5:53:11 PM
      Subject: [Y-Mail] Re: Latest Yahoo Mail upgrade - thank you very much

      Hi everyone,

      I have some good news for folks who have been saving drafts as templates.  While we decided to remove drafts from the folder as soon as you send them (something that is needed now that we have added auto-save in the latest version of All-New Mail), there is a way to override that and keep the draft after sending.

      Currently users can send a message in two ways:
      • Click 'send' button
      • Ctrl+enter
      In order to keep the message in your Drafts folder, just hold down the shift button for both actions above. 
      • Hold shift and then click 'send'
      • Shift+Ctrl+enter
      Hope that helps,

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