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1510Re: [Y-Mail] Automatic Checking For New Messages for External Accounts for Mail Plus users

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  • Michael Taylor-Judd
    Jan 5, 2006
      <!-- DIV {margin:0px} -->Hi! First time writing after lurking on the list... My name's Michael, 31, live in Seattle, WA and work for a non-profit.

      I do work with a number of non-profit and political groups outside of work, so I use Mail Plus to funnel all of my mail into one place and then use the drop-down arrow to alter my FROM: e-mail address as necessary.

      I have four different e-mail addresses that forward into my personal Yahoo! account, and I am able to add my work address as an alias in case I need to send something when out of the office, but want it to appear as if it came from work and be replied to there. This way, all of my personal e-mail is accessible in just one place, with one password; I can check it from virtually anywhere in the world; and I can filter it into various folders to keep track of and store.

      For me, that makes the small annual cost of Mail Plus well worth it!

      Michael 8-)

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      But what about the people who dont want those accounts checked all the time? I like checking my other email accounts when I choose to just like in the classic version.

      What I don't understand is why do people have multiple email accounts? I could understand one for work,school and personal but why would you want any more than that? Yahoo provide lots of storage and also you can archive the messages to your computer.

      " Knowledge is the key to life "

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