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14997Re: [Y-Mail] Off Topic- Uh Oh....

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  • Sasafrass
    Feb 1, 2008
      I dunno if you can say that it "may not go ahead". I mean, the article says micro$oft won't take NO for an answer.... But I will NOT be involved with ANYTHING that's owned/created/operated by micro$oft. That's one of the reasons I use Linux. If this deal goes through, & ESPECIALLY if it effects Yahoo Mail, I'm gone. I dunno where I'd go, maybe Gmail. But we'll see....

      G Pollara wrote:
      let's see what happens:
      a) may not go ahead
      b) if it does, the combined package may be interesting. They'll probably keep a lot of things in parallel (e.g. mail) but there are some microsoft things that could be useful to have more access to: skydrive, integrated office, maps (i love microsoft's bird's eye view maps and virtual earth). yahoo has none of these 3 things at present. I'm not saying it's all going to be rosy, but it may not be all bad...

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