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14847Re: Calendar events issues

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  • Ciprian Murariu
    Jan 3, 2008
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      In my case, I want to know the age. In romania (and I think more
      other countries), the number of the flowers you'd offer to the
      celabrated woman should/might reflect the age (exactly or by
      Same thing for men - when they turn a fix age, there are specific
      gifts to be bought and offered. Something similar for anniversaries
      (brass - 15, silver - 25 and gold - 50 years-old marriages...)
      Besides, I really want to know how old is each of my family members,
      and also some of my close friends.
      Of course, who don't care about that, could choose to leave that
      field empty. But I have that information stored in my phone's agenda
      anyway, so it would be a pitty to don't add it to the YC event
      reminders as well... don't you think so?

      PS: The solution is workable anyway, but what I'm waiting for is a
      fix from the Yahoo side; not to say that the last update in farm 308
      lasts since 26th of November - isn't there anything else to improve
      for 6 weeks? I really doubt it...

      All the best!
      Ciprian M.

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "fiction_scribe" <rosarium_pdx@...>
      > Why not just leave the year out of the date field altogether? Most
      > people that I know don't really care if other people know their
      > age, as long as they remember their birthday.
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