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  • Nancy J
    Jan 3, 2006
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      More layman's questions again, (sorry) but wouldn't one's pc speed/internet connection speed, or things of that nature, apply to "loading" issues period?

      And, isn't the fact that the new format contains so much more than the old version did, that the "loading" process is effected period (beta or not)?

      GMail has a lot of options, and runs fine on my computer. Yahoo beta mail is the only program that I have a problem with.

      Its the constant "reloading" (that it does itself everytime I select something like a folder or an email or an option) that is an issue for me.

      I'd think that the designers would write the program to work on the slowest processor within reason, since many of their customers still use older computers (like me and my old Dell P3 -- although I've got enough RAM and use a Cable ISP, so my connection to the net is plenty fast).

      This Yahoo beta mail is ActiveX intensive. I never noticed it before until I just attempted to load it in IE (well, actually it never loaded as I gave up as it was taking wayyyyyyyyy longer than Firefox, and its ridiculously slow in FF).

      On another note, I've read many comments on how the beta mail interface reminds many of Outlook. I don't use Outlook (although I have it on my machine), so I don't have any need for Yahoo mail to look or work like Yahoo-Outlook. I just need it to function as quickly as the original (faster would be better), yet still have some useful additional functions.

      On another topic. The more I use beta, the more I don't see the use of tabs being on by default. If I forget to close the tabbed mails, they remain open in tabs and slow things further. I've been intending to figure out how to turn the tabs function off. I can see that if I wanted to swap back and forth between a couple of emails, tabs would be very useful (I love tabs in FF). As it is designed at the moment, its just more to reload time for me.

      I'm sticking with the beta, and hope the programers are reading the feedback (and this site -- although I've heard that maybe they don't check in here!) to understand some of our real user issues. I've written a couple of times with feedback, but new issues come up the more that I read your comments.

      Great group.


      Nancy J
      "Heroes are people who rise to the occasion and slip quietly away. Tom Brokaw http://360.yahoo.com/ordinaryfoolisnj
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