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1346Re: [Y-Mail] Am I the only one who's disappointed?

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  • James Estes
    Dec 31, 2005
      I aggree that there are a bunch of things that need to improve. I think the new version of contacts stinks. I can not see just my distribution lists. Scrolling throght the long list with out being able to click a letter to narrow it down is a pain when you have A Lot of contacts.

      Another thing I think is difficult is folder management.....in the old version I could look at them all very easily and see how much space each was taking up. I hope they improve those two things. I think mostly Yahoo has tried to make the Beta very Outlook like, that is good in some ways and bad in others. I hoped that it would be more revolutionary.....I am still a big fan of Yahoo and all of there products but I too think Mail Beta needs some work.

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      I have been switching in and out to check the beta version, but I'm
      still coming back to the old version.
      I think the new beta is a premature release, loads of things don't
      work - calendar, notepad integration, many small technical issues like
      for example when you have a default outgoing address which is
      different from your main profile, the new beta does not recognize it
      and still uses your main profile as your default outgoing account.
      Perhaps this will make sense some day, but for today I hope the old
      version of Yahoo Mail will stay available for a very long time.


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