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1345Re: [Y-Mail] Am I the only one who's disappointed?

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  • Chris Price
    Dec 31, 2005
      With all due respect, all your complaints are expected in a beta test.

      Calling it premature would be fine if it was a production release, but beta testing is to flush out the technical issues in a controlled fashion.

      I'd expect greater integration to occur as we move forward - remember we are testing version 0.3 at the moment, a long way from the final one. Y! is taking this slow - email is a critical application for a lot of people, and once they go live it'll be pushed to millions of people, they can't afford to mess it up. Our role in the Beta is to allow for issues \ missing features and provide feedback to the developers so they can priotize their work on the next ceode release.

      If you are finding the current state is not sufficient to your needs, I would consider leaving detailed feedback as to why, and then switching back to the regular version. Stay a member of this group, we'll continue discussing the changes, and you'll be able to rejoin when things are improved.


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      Subject: [Y-Mail] Am I the only one who's disappointed?

      I have been switching in and out to check the beta version, but I'm
      still coming back to the old version.
      I think the new beta is a premature release, loads of things don't
      work - calendar, notepad integration, many small technical issues like
      for example when you have a default outgoing address which is
      different from your main profile, the new beta does not recognize it
      and still uses your main profile as your default outgoing account.
      Perhaps this will make sense some day, but for today I hope the old
      version of Yahoo Mail will stay available for a very long time.


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