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12714Desperate: YahooMail Email Account down for 7 days

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  • pi.31415926
    Aug 7, 2007
      August 7, 2007. At 1 PM.

      Hi Yahoo mail engineering; Plea for help!:

      The email part of my Yahoo Mail account has now been down for 7 days
      straight. I am now desperate about this. This is my attempt to get
      answers. Any help or advice is much appreciated, thank you.

      When I log in to mail.yahoo.com it keeps alternating between Error
      Code 1,2 and 5 seemingly at random. I can access my address book and
      other Yahoo services just fine, but email not.
      It looks like I am on server f347.

      Support in the Philippines tells me:
      Error code 1 = Page can not be displayed. (Most commonly displayed.)
      Error code 2 = Problem access email account. Denied access.
      Error code 5 = Problem accessing mailbox.

      How I can have all these 3 alternating error codes I am unable to
      I do not believe I have done anything to provoke this apart from
      normal, admittedly heavy usage.

      Some email sent to this account has now started bouncing, some are
      not. I will be happy to provide bounce headers.

      If the fine folks at Yahoo mail engineering read this my support
      ticket no is: #5804138.
      I have spoken extensively to Yahoo support in the Philippines. They
      tried rebuilding “I will be rebuilding your account now sir…” but that
      failed. They have thus on Thursday August 2. escalated the case to
      Yahoo mail engineering. I was promised feedback within 24-48 hours,
      it’s been way more than that already. The engineer who has accepted
      the cases name is XXX XXXXX (hidden) they told me.
      I was called on Monday from a phone +1 619 920 XXXX that I think might
      just have been Yahoo mail engineering, if it was please try calling me
      again as you do now answer your phone when I call.

      I will have to gruesomely decide if I have to declare email failure
      and update my email address across hundreds of services and contacts.
      I am hesitant, but at some time you just have to get on with your
      life. My business and my life have now been on halt since last Tuesday
      when my email went down, one can keep up the front for a little while
      but now the walls are crackling around me.

      Thank you.