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12675Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Yahoo Mail spam filters having problems?

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  • Jeff
    Aug 6, 2007
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      Everybody is making assumptions as to what Reese was saying or meant with his very short message. Until/unless he replies to explain himself, I think it's pointless to continue to discuss/debate this topic.  
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      From: Bill <billsville_99@...>
      To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, August 6, 2007 1:02:29 PM
      Subject: [Y-Mail] Re: Yahoo Mail spam filters having problems?

      What Are You Talking About.......Reese is.....CLEARLY....responding to Dave's message regarding the failure notice he receives when forwarding a message to spam@.........as instructed by support@..........Not A Word Was Said About Not Wanting To Receive Group Mail From This Or Any Other Group

      For Future Reference.....should a member wish to stop receiving  Group Mail....The Correct Response is to direct that member to The Group Homepage....where at the top they will find....."Edit Membership"......upon hitting that link they will then be on the....Edit Membership Page.....where they will find a 3 Step Process to Edit their Membership

      Step 1......Contact Information
      Step 2.....Message Delivery
      Step 3.....Message Preference

      As it suggests....Step 2 controls Message Delivery.....there they will see 4 options:....Individual Mail....Daily Digest....Special Notices....and....Web Only.....which used to read....No Mail....but in fact means the same thing....that would be the option for said member to choose

      Some groups Require receipt of Group Mail as part of their Membership.....but I see no such Requirement for This Group

      Rather than continued defense of your mistaken response I suggest you apologize to Reese and to those who tried to explain Resse's response to you

      I say this as a 5 Year Owner/Moderator of a Yahoo Group


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Sasafrass <sasafrass452@...> wrote:
      > I've seen this happen many times before. The person wishing to stop
      > receiving group emails will reply to any post with an identical or
      > similar message.
      > Karen Pierce wrote:
      > > Um....I believe that reese cup is answering the post below his
      > > regarding the invalid address for spam@yahoo <mailto:spam@yahoo....
      > > He's telling Dave to stop sending the emails to that address. Yes?
      > >
      > > KP
      > >
      > >
      > > ----- Original Message -----
      > > *From:* Sasafrass <mailto:sasafrass452@...
      > > *To:* Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com <mailto:Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      > > *Sent:* Sunday, August 05, 2007 9:53 AM
      > > *Subject:* Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Yahoo Mail spam filters having problems?
      > >
      > > You need to unsubscribe or leave the group by clicking on "edit
      > > membership" at the top
      of the group webpage.
      > >
      > > reese cup wrote:
      > >
      > >> don't send anymore e-mails
      > >>
      > >> */Dave Kronenberg davek926@.../* wrote:
      > >>
      > >> I have asked support@... <mailto:support@...
      > >> what to do about this and they told me
      > >> to forward these emails to spam@...
      > >> <mailto:spam@.... When I did I received a
      > >> delivery failure that said spam@...
      > >> <mailto:spam%40yahoo.com> was an invalid address.
      > >>

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