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12619Re: [Y-Mail] I can't remove mAIL FRIM INBOX OF F500?

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  • Karen Pierce
    Aug 3, 2007
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      Only problem I've noticed lately (on my home computer) is an ungodly amount of time for mail to be downloaded to OE. Usually quick as a whistle, but the last couple of days has been horrible.
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      From: David Gay
      Sent: Friday, August 03, 2007 11:08 AM
      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] I can't remove mAIL FRIM INBOX OF F500?

      I have noticed an overall lower speed and performance since around noon, Central Time, 02-Aug-07. I have also switched back to the classic, which is still slow but it at least works.

      I can't find anything from Yahoo indicating an overall problem.


      niteflite73 <niteflite73@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      Anyone else having this trouble, I switched backed top regular classic
      Y mail because on the beta version I cannot delete or even move mail
      from my inbox , when I tried to delete or move a email from the inbox
      it appears the action has taken place however when I click on inbox
      the email is still there and not in the trash folder or any other
      folder I try to move it to if I want to save it, this even happens
      when I try the drag and drop feature as well... anyone else having

      Also when I send a email it will set on the sending message screen for
      up to 5 min, and I am even on a high speed connection.

      Everything works as it should it Classic Y mail.

      Any got any advice? Or is the a know problem?

      David M. Gay
      dmgay1@yahoo. com
      Lake Jackson, Texas

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