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12582Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Yahoo Mail Beta Features?

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  • too_much green_tea
    Aug 1, 2007
      I don't believe that was meant for storing attachments. I think that was meant for implementations like GDrives and alike, which have a completely different usage pattern than say downloading attachments when one needs them.

      All triggered cases I have heard so far was because of rate limiting (hits/minutes? hits/secs?). I doubt downloading attachments like one would from briefcase will ever rise to that level of activities.

      Of course, it would be nice to have confirmation on this. :)

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      The advantage I see to it is you can rename files in your briefcase,
      but not attachments in mail.  You can give the message a title, and
      even use the body for tags, but you can't change these settings.  
      Actually, you probably could use drafts to make this editable.  Then
      there's the question: should you always do 1 file per message?  I
      think that's probably the best option.  What about message size
      limits, that's a 10MB file limit on what you can store.  That's fine
      for most documents, but there could be times you want to store more.

      An advantage is that Y!MB does have unlimited storage.  However, even
      Yahoo!'s Help site admits it isn't that simple.  Still, I doubt your
      average user who just uses Y!MB as a replacement for briefcase would
      have any trouble.

      "The purpose of unlimited storage isn't to provide an online storage
      warehouse. Usage that suggests this approach gets flagged by Yahoo!
      Mail's anti-abuse controls."


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