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11909Re: [Y-Mail] Emails disappear and Yahoo is clueless about it.

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  • S. J. "Jay" Bienvenu
    Jun 4, 2007
      From: Tom Connell <tomjconnell@...>
      I did'nt say it was a resolution to the problem and I was not putting it forward as such!
      Sorry if you took offense at how I responded, but I have a problem with someone even making that suggestion.
      From: Tom Connell <tomjconnell@...>
      I agree entirely EMails shouild not disapear, but these things happen, people hit the wrong key, hard drives crash, backups are skipped! You don't get Fory Knox security for the peanuts yahoo charges for its plus service. Keeping an archive is insurance! Anybody who relies on a third party to keep their data safe is just plain stupid! If its lost its lost ranting & raving wont bring it back! Make sure you don't lose it by creating your own back ups!

      For the record, I was burned rather badly by a certain discussion board hosting service some years ago. A disgruntled administrator deleted the posts from a few forums, so I figured I would just get them to restore it from the backups. Turns out the most recent backup they had was three months old. And they didn't restore just the damaged forums; they restored the ENTIRE BOARD. And all they had to say for it was "sorry." I never paid for their service again.
      I'm not asking for "Fort Knox security." I expect Yahoo to do the basic things needed to prevent data loss: keep a backup of a week or so, and be able to accouint for missing data. This is 2007, and Yahoo is a multi-billion dollar Internet media company. They should be able to provide a basic level of data recovery.
      If you brought your car in for a routine oil change, and they broke your windshield in the process, would you let them get away with telling you there was nothing they could do about it? Do you keep spare windshields in your car in case that happens? I think it's common sense to expect the company that is hosting your data online, be it Yahoo or some run-of-the-mill Web hoster, to ensure that your data won't magically disappear.
      -- Jay Bienvenu
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