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    May 1, 2007
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      Unfortunately not everyone is on the level of computer savvy that most of us here are.
      I don't mind the questions, I don't mind repeating myself.  It's part of helping people out, and part of them learning how to make themselves knowledgable.
      That being said, yeah, a faq would probably be a good idea.  It would certainly save people some time, getting the answer sooner rather than having to wait for their message to be approved and then for someone to answer, and their answer being approved as well.

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      What I don't support is not approving member questions (unless they
      are clearly SPAM).  No question is stupid or dumb, but merely
      information that a member isn't aware of yet.  We have to expect
      repetitive topics in an open group with a constant supply of new members.

      I'm sorry, but I cannot agree with you. I do not need to see every request to be moved to farm 308. I already know how to tell what farm I'm on. And I can't do a darn thing about error code #1. These types of posts add nothing to the group but clutter and additional posts to wade through. The moderators can handle these questions with a direct email to the sender (even if it just points them to the FAQ), without cluttering up the group for the rest of us.
      -- Jay Bienvenu

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