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1068Re: [Y-Mail] Re: who gets invited?

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  • Chris Price
    Dec 19, 2005
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      There's nothing wrong with going back to the regular version - we are still pretty early in the Beta cycle (v0.3.0), so missing functionality is still pretty common.

      Be sure to report Feedback on your decision to the developers - they will be interested to know what was missing that required you to switch back. Stay a member of this group - we'll continue to announce new builds \ features as we see them. As a prior Beta tester, you should still have the Switch option so you can come back when it's closer to what you need.


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      For those that didn't get an invite, I don't think that you're missing much. If you're running Firefox, you can already do the formatted/HTML composing anyway (see General Options). Otherwise it's the drag-and-drop interface that's new, and I don't think there's any other new functionality besides the RSS feeds. Firefox users lost the spell check ability. There's still the flat (non-hierarchical) folder structure, and that may be an IMAP limitation. Things are slow and the screen flashes a lot. On my reply I tried to select the previous message context to delete it, and neither Edit > Delete nor my Delete key would get rid of it (I had to do it piecemeal). I am seriously considering reverting to go back to the normal interface, but I'm being a good beta tester by giving feedback with the Send Feedback function, and it's not that much of hassle (except once when it went crazy with constant screen refreshes -- I had to not use it for a few hours). The only other thing you'll get is bragging rights, which was prime in the early Gmail days.

      Did I miss anything?

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