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  • Nancy J
    Mar 30, 2007
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      First, BETA mail which is what the group is primarily about (so the plus thread is off topic, but relevant since Ryan posted and others commented about the new unlimited storage) is available to non paying as well as paying Yahoo email users, so that his nothing to do with plus accounts.

      Messenger and RSS are part of beta mail and also available to all accounts plus and free. So, that's another non issue for plus account holders.

      Priviledged. Just the opposite! I too like the ad free client, but I feel that my concerns as not only an account holder but a paying customer are just as legitimate as anyone elses! So its not about being priviledged. Far from it and I beg your pardon for writing something that just isn't true about what I for one have written!

      Ryan, can you suggest an email for a person or department that I can send my concerns to at Yahoo? Then I'll stop sending them to this list.


      Nancy J

      "I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within."
      India Arie

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      I do not post much, but can we stop with sounding privileged because we are plus users? I am a plus user and LOVE shelling out a 20.00 bill for a whole year of web based, ad free, now limitless email. On top of that, I have messenger built in and am loving RSS feeds more and more..I think the service for what I am paying for is waaayyyy plenty.

      I love being part of this group and really finding enjoyment of watching this product getting better and better. Ryan being here has helped put a real person in here to make it feel like we are a part of something.

      Just my .02

      St. Paul, MN

      Ryan, if the plus accounts are so great then why doens't every pay for them? And just as many of the emails showed that the plus accounts were not that great a value -- unless one is paying just to remove ads (which honestly, I can't use the beta on my free account because of the ads -- so that's no small thing for sure).

      By the way, I use many free products. So I've no problem with that, its just that if people pay, they expect that if you do something for the freebies you do something for the paying customer. But I see that there is a new mail feature coming. So I'll see what that holds.

      p.s. How about IMAP for the plus accounts? Then I'd be really happy!!!


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