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10109Re: [Y-Mail] catching up on mail...finally

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  • Nancy J
    Mar 29, 2007
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      Ryan, if the plus accounts are so great then why doens't every pay for them? And just as many of the emails showed that the plus accounts were not that great a value -- unless one is paying just to remove ads (which honestly, I can't use the beta on my free account because of the ads -- so that's no small thing for sure).

      By the way, I use many free products. So I've no problem with that, its just that if people pay, they expect that if you do something for the freebies you do something for the paying customer. But I see that there is a new mail feature coming. So I'll see what that holds.

      p.s. How about IMAP for the plus accounts? Then I'd be really happy!!!


      Nancy J

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      Subject: [Y-Mail] catching up on mail...finally

      I've been down in San Diego for the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference. I've also been putting the finishing touches on the product I work on:


      As a result, I've fallen way behind on email. I'm also pretty far behind on a handful of migration requests. I'll get the migration requests done in the next day or two. I get back home tomorrow night, so the soonest I'll get to those is probably sometime Friday.

      I think the members here have done a pretty good job explaining why a Yahoo! Mail Plus subscription is still worth having, even with everyone getting unlimited storage. Personally, I love having no ads and no taglines in outbound email. That alone is worth the ~$1.67/month I pay for Plus.

      Ryan Kennedy
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