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  • Amber
    Jan 15, 2007
      (OOC: hey, umm I don't know if Cade is coming back or what, so I'll
      just carry on writing her in if that's cool with everybody?)

      As Jonathon walked away with the two new students in tow, Amber
      sighed to herself, she was definitely going to have to get used to
      all of this, and at least Jonathon seemed to know what he was doing.
      The shapeshifter made her way through to the main school area,
      intending on finding a familiar face, or at least settle her
      grumbling stomach. As she entered the cafeteria, Amber spotted Cade
      sitting on her own on one of the farther away tables, grinning, she
      walked over and settled herself next to the older girl.
      "Hey, what's up?" As Cade looked up to see who her visitor was, she
      returned the smile.
      "Oh, nothing much, are you ok now? You took quite a turn on the
      mission" Concern laced the older shapeshifter's voice.
      "Yeah I'm good now, nothing that Dr.Grey couldn't fix, just
      Cade made an affirmative noise, going back to munching on her lunch.
      "Ooohh!" Cade exclaimed, "Before I forget. Did you get to speak with
      the girl we recovered from the mission yet? I haven't seen her since
      we got back."
      "Mmm-hmm, I was talking to her this morning, and we were about to
      leave the infirmary when Jonathon came and paid us a visit with a new
      student. Quite an…interesting guy" Amber said with a smile. "I think
      he nearly scared poor Miki to death, they're both on a tour with him
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