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97Explaining the Facts of Life

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  • Brian
    Jan 10, 2007
      You've obviously heard of them, Miki. Jonathon's voice held a note of distaste, as if he were just to have eaten one of Ryan's shrimp bowls.

      "Yeah there was a chapter in my hometown," Miki nodded her head slowly, a more sickly shade of green coloring her cheeks as she brought up the memories.  "Even if the mutants looked well...  normal, they'd be breaking bones, firebombing houses, smashing windows. I thought some of the stories were just exagerated but, you've obviously met them."

      No, actually I haven't. That was set up by Storm and and Cyclops as a an introduction to dealing with unfriendly crowds. At this point, the raven haired youth sees the confused and faintly glassy-eyed look in the shorter of the two new students. Jonathon sighs softly and motions for everyone to sit down on the floor. It seems that your life was even more sheltered than you might guess, Wesley. Have you ever heard of the KKK, Wesley? The furry head nods in confusion. Well, the Friends of Humanity are the KKK and we mutants are the black population. Admittedly, people aren't that comfortable with mutants, but when you add the FOH into the mix, it just plunges us into the realm of complete social frag.

      These guys think that we are all freaks and deserve to have the equivalent of a lynching happen to each one of us. If you want to know more about them, ask any of the teachers. But as for what you saw... well the FOH would call it fighting, but then they'd say we were fighting back if we did anything other than let them beat the shite out of us. You will learn some basic self-defense at a minimum, and more if you want. But those people are out there and they don't like us. It's sad, but that is the truth.

      --- In XavierSchool@yahoogroups.com, Willow <spiritofthewillow@...> wrote:
      > "You don't know about the friends of humanity?" Miki asked. She had thought that they were everywhere. They were certainly a common enough sight in her home town. There were constantly rumors of their attacks on mutants, but she had always chosen to discount them as exaggerated. But now she realized that they were probably worse than what rumor had made them seem. Where before the mutants were those to be feared and avoided, now the so-called Friends of Humanity were the fearsome enemies.
      > >
      > >"Waitwaitwaitwaitwait." Wesley shoots off the line in a hurried
      > >frenzied, looking around. "Who were those guys, and why were they
      > >attacking that person? Are they just street thugs?" He looks from
      > >person to person, his eyes wide and uncomprehending. His parents had
      > >mentioned that mutants weren't very well liked, and thats why the
      > >school was secret, but they had never mentioned being beat up! "This
      > >Potential Development watchamacallit... is it to teach us how to [i]
      > >fight?[/i]
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