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94Continuing The Tour

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  • Brian
    Jan 7, 2007
      ((Sorry about the long delay. Just after I settled into that job, my life became a hell of massive proportions. Things are starting to come back around, though))

      Jonathon saw the brief but certain shudder that Miki gave as he mentioned the greenhouses. Having heard Ryan's talk about what happened to her make a visit to there unlikely for some time.  Thinking where he was going to go at first, the raven-haired mutant tries to stumble out a better answer. Well, I guess the next stop is the Potential Development Complex. Most of us here call it the Danger Room.

      "Danger Room?" Miki's voice perked up, a little quavering.

      It's  a place where we can explore our abilities in a controlled setting. It's also used for self-defense training, which is partly why it gets that name. Tell you what, I'll show you what it can do. Jonathon reassured them about the room, leaving out it's use for combat simulations. Putting them both in the control room that looked down over the gymnasium-like space, Jonathon went down to the main doors and entered the room as a city street materializes. Jon's voice echoes up to the pair in the control room. This place uses holographs and force projectors to simulate  real things.

      As he is walking down the 'street' ,a group people with armbands reading Friends of Humanity come down off of a porch to apply a gang-beating. The young mutant starts looking to see if there is any way to get away from them. With escape cut off, Jonathon tries to avoid the attacks. This works for a few minutes until the FoH surrounds him. A brief shriek of high pitched sound drops the marauding thugs. The raven haired mutant nods up at the control room and fades from completely visible to a hazy outline. The outline walks away from the writhing group and reappears about 10 yards way. The FoH slowly get up after I have left the area and then the scene fades and I walk back up to the control room. See how they place works? Any other questions about this place or shall we move onwards?

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