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91Re: Continuing to introduce himself

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  • Brian
    Nov 5, 2006
      ((sorry for the delay. I started a new job and it's taken a little time to get into the swing of the new schedule.))

      Jonathon reached out and put his hand around Wesley's mouth, preventing further questions to the somewhat stunned young woman. Wes, you might want to take a moment to breathe and give poor Miki a chance to answer even ONE of your questions.

      Looking across at the green-skinned girl, the taller dark-haired and kilted mutant gave a shrug of apology and a small smile.You'll have to pardon Wesley, he's a little hyper-active sometimes. My name is Jonathon. The kind of fishy girl, Ryan... well she, I and a few others helped you out and brought you here where you'd be safe.

      "What is this place? I mean Ryan told the name and that it was safe but..."

      Jonathon nods and takes a long breath before answering. Well it IS safe. This building and all the grounds are like a shelter where we can stay and be safe. Professor Xavier built it as a place where mutants could come and be safe from the misunderstanding that is outside the grounds

      There is a school for those of us that need to finish our education, or want to better some of our knowledge. Of course there are lessons in using your mutant abilities. Dormitories for you to stay in, and the infirmary, of which I'd bet you're tired of, if you get sick. Exercise rooms, a reasonable library, Ororo has greenhouses around somewhere if that's your interest.

      Knowing he should stop soon, else Miki's eyes would glaze like they had with the short and fuzzy's barrage of questions, Jonathon finished up with a question. I was just taking Wesley on a tour of the facilities since he's also new here. Would you care to join us?

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