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89Re: Continuing to introduce himself

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  • lordofarken
    Oct 17 4:55 PM
      Wesley stopped suddenly as he noticed an undercurrent of fear
      suddenly spike through the girls scent. He paused for a moment,
      before finally realized what the girl was most likely afraid
      of. "You're new here too, aren't you?" Not waiting for a response he
      nodded agreeing with his own assessment. "Well, don't worry, so am
      I! Jon here was just giving me the tour, and I'm sure he'd let you
      come along too, right Jon?" He spins around, looking at Jon for a
      second before turning back to Miki. "Don't worry, they're really
      nice so far, so there isn't anything to be sca... I mean, nervous
      about." He mentally kicked himself in the head for almost mentioning
      that she was scared about going to a new school... his mother had
      told him time and time again that people didn't like being told how
      they felt.

      "Anyway," he continued, not dwelling on the thought anymore then he
      needed to. "You didn't do anything to your scent? Does that mean you
      are a plant? Like Vash?" He grinned again, nodding. "That would be
      SO cool! Vash totally rules!" He pauses again, realizing that he's
      talking so fast that the other girl would be lucky to get a word in
      edgewise. "Anyway, I'm from Antartica, where are you from? How did
      you get here? What is your favorite color? Who is your favorite
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