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87Continuing to introduce himself

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  • lordofarken
    Oct 15, 2006
      Wesley nodded fervently to Amber's question, grinning the whole
      time. "Yep, I'm new here! It's the first time at school, so I'm
      really excited. This place is really cool compared to Antartica!" He
      pauses for a moment, reconsidering. "Well, up there we had dogs and,
      well, temperature wise it was a lot cooler there then here, but you
      all knew what I meant, right?" He perks up again, smiling. "By the
      way, do you like horses? You smell really strongly of them, so I
      thought you might be like me... but evidently you're not, so I guess
      nevermind. And, and Miki?" He turned to the green haired girl, and
      stopped suddenly, her scent was... strange. That was the best way to
      explain it. It was human, there was that, but it was almost
      completely blocked out, becoming... herbal? She smelt like a freshly
      cut lawn... he leaned in close to her, smelling her deeply, trying
      to figure out how she managed to smell that way... it wasn't
      shampoo, he could tell that, but what was it? He took another step
      closer, totally ignoring personal boundaries (he never had to learn
      them up with just his family in Antartica... in fact, closeness was
      preferred compared to the cold) sniffing more before stopping to
      look into the green girls eyes. "How do you manage to smell that
      way?" He tilts his head to one side, much like a curious dog. "It's
      smells really nice, but how did you do it?"

      --- In XavierSchool@yahoogroups.com, "Amber" <CrimsonTears6434@...>
      > OOC:I've been really busy with studying,but I've had just enough
      > to write this up, again appologies!
      > Just as Amber and Miki were exiting the infirmary doors, the
      > shapeshifter caught the scent of somethingÂ…furred, before nearly
      > being collided with. A heavily furred boy flew past her and landed
      > clumsily on the ground. The shapeshifter was entirely bemused, as
      > this had all happened so fast she didn't even have time to wonder
      > what the heck had just happened before the mutant was on his feet
      > again, inhaling, circling her, his expression just as bemused as
      > own. Amber snatched a glance at Jonathon who just shrugged and her
      > attention was turned back to the hairy mutant in front of her,
      > she now noticed, sported large ears on his head, which now
      > to be drooping. Chastising her self, she really thought she should
      > getting used to such "abnormalities" that were now so normal in
      > place.
      > The mutant stood awkwardly, a grin suddenly brightening his
      > face, "hi!"
      > Amber just stood there for a moment, before remembering her
      > and shook the furred mutants hand back.
      > "I'm Amber, urrmm" before remembering she had completely forgotten
      > that Miki was standing behind her, looking just as lost as the new
      > recruit, "Â…. this is Miki by the way" smiling at the boy. "So
      > a new student huh?"
      > "Yeah" he replied, grinning even more.
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