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100Downstairs, Upstairs

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  • Brian
    Jan 26, 2007
      In his mind, Jonathon wondered just what the hell he was going to do to better explain this and not send Wesley packing back to the land of eternal ice. No, we aren't particularly liked. But that is why the X-Men are here. To help provide an example that we, as mutants, aren't trying to take over the world or prove ourselves better than non-mutants.

      Miki gives a faint smile to the short fuzzy mutant. "Those visiting scientists might not have been as serious as some FOH members, but just not big fans of mutants."

      I'd guess that our stock with normal people is slowly going up. But come on, I'm supposed to show you the rest of the house. Well you got to see what the Danger Room is like. Miki, I know you've seen more than enough infirmary for a while. Dr. McCoy has a small research lab down here where he goes to be super-nerd. There's Cerebro, but I think only the Professor and Dr. Grey can use that. And before either of you ask, I'm not even sure what it does. I know that they can find people with it. It's how he figured out where you were, Miki.

      There are locker rooms down here and a small gym down here for when the weather gets nasty, since Miss Ororo lets SOME winter visit us. I guess we can go back upstairs. The raven haired mutant got up and led his two friends to the elevator and back to the main part of the mansion. The sun was shining through the windows at the end of the corridor when the trio stepped out of the lift.  Guys rooms are up the stairs at one end of the hall, and girls are up the stairs at the other end of the hall. Classrooms are down here on this floor, as is the TV room, kitchen and the dining room. So what would you like to see next? Maybe go get something to eat?

      ((Amber, I'd say give Cade little while longer, and then just kind quietly write her to the side. Also any thoughts on the next mission/adventure? I'm kinda leaning towards Sentinels))

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