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Fic: Citizen Harris II (4/4)

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  • Koos van Winden
    Part 4 And now the conclusion Jack started giving orders, but within a few seconds the lights returned and the room was filled with about thirty girls, all
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      Part 4 And now the conclusion

      Jack started giving orders, but within a few seconds the lights
      returned and the room was filled with about thirty girls, all clothed
      in black and all of them were pointing weapons at them. "Stand down,"
      he ordered, as he very much realized who those girls were. They
      weren't older than 18, and some of them were even as old as twelve-
      thirteen. They were kids! However, kids who were proud mystical
      warriors *with* guns and who were very angry. He had no choice than
      to surrender. This whole situation screamed one single name: Daniel.

      "Monica!" Buffy yelled. "What's the meaning of this!?"

      Despite Buffy's legendary status, the young girl with the brown eyes
      to whom Buffy spoke didn't appear to be impressed. "We're retrieving
      one of our own . . . Xander, sir," she said with a calm, decisive

      Buffy seemed surprised by the clarification as she looked at him. He
      saw her doubt in her eyes. It had been a hell of an effort to
      convince Buffy, so the blond leader could hardly be angry with her
      soldiers. "They teach this in Slayer kindergarten?" he muttered to
      her. She rolled her eyes. "How did you kids manage to infiltrate this
      base?" he asked Monica, calmly.

      "We had help," the young leader simply said, not caring about any
      secrets. The girl had made up her mind and wouldn't take a no for an

      "From me," Daniel added, while he corrected the position of his
      glasses, like it was the biggest revelation since the discovering of
      the Stargate.

      "Danny," Jack said sarcastically, "believe me, we know. Thanks for
      the concern, but you're not going to change my mind," he said,
      despite the many guns inviting him otherwise. Jack stood his
      ground. "I am sorry," he offered them. His words was like oil on
      fire, and the situation threatened to escalate.

      "They have a bowling lane," a young girl with a black shirt sporting
      Thor's cutest image over her Kevlar uniform suddenly exclaimed
      enthusiastically. Jack recognized her through his psychic link with
      Xander. Her name was Jenny O'Brien and she was very close to Xander's
      heart. Jack remembered that Xander and Jenny had been trapped
      together for days when they had met for the first time. They were
      held captive as food for the Gr'owl demons. Nasty little fellows,
      Jack remembered. "Monica, can we play?"

      Not sharing her youngest warrior in her excitement, the leader
      scowled at her. "No!"

      "Why not?" The words were soft and sad. Her innocence cut through
      Jack's soul. They were kids. They were warriors, but he forgot that
      they were kids too. They needed someone to care for them. They needed
      someone to care for. They needed Xander.

      "Because we are here to retrieve Xander," Monica explained, tiredly.

      "Oh! I forgot." The girl frowned and then expertly pointed her rifle
      at Jack, her enthusiasm gone as she stared at him supported by her
      meanest face. "Give us Xander," she warned him.

      Daniel just shrugged knowingly. Jack felt deeply ashamed. How could
      he have sunk this low? How could he not have seen? He damn well knew
      the answer and with interest he respected Hammond more than ever. He
      walked slowly over to the little girl, his right hand up, and
      crouched down in front of her - all the time he could see the
      confusion in her eyes, not knowing how she should react. He smiled as
      he placed his hands on her shoulders. "I'm not keeping him."

      Her eyes scanned every feature of his face in hope and he nodded to
      confirm his statement. Then she engulfed him in a tight hug and
      parted. "Yay!"

      Cheers filled the room in response.

      "You're right," said a familiar voice and he turned to see General
      Hammond standing at his side. "You're not keeping him."

      His boss crouched down to look at the girl as well. The man's smile
      was the biggest Jack had ever seen. "Would you like to travel in a
      spaceship to another galaxy?"

      Her eyes widened and her face lid up like a Christmas tree. "Really?"
      The general nodded.

      What's going on? "General?"

      Hammond looked at him. "I have talked with Mr. Giles and Mr. Harris
      to have Xander's team on the rescheduled Atlantis rescue mission.
      They both agreed."

      Jack knew that Earth's new battle cruiser, the Daedalus, was almost
      finished and ready to go. "Good plan, sir." It was an *excellent*
      plan. Why hadn't he thought about it? In this way Xander was at least
      with his own team. Not to mention the advantages of Slayer strength
      and skills Xander's team brought in. There were risks of course. Jack
      shuddered at the thought of a Goa'uld using a Slayer as host. But,
      this was a mission to Goa'uld free territory.

      "What mission?" Monica asked. "What's this spaceship bull?"

      "What if I told you that aliens are real?" Hammond replied.

      Monica snorted. "Then I would say you're nuts."

      Jack chuckled. Luckily the General was used to one Jack O'Neill for
      quite a while. "Is that so?" Hammond asked with a smirk as he twisted
      his head a little. Jack knew the General well enough that something
      was up and it prompted Jack to look around.

      A flash of light illuminated the room for an instant and brought a
      single individual in the room. The creature was about one meter in
      height, with grayish skin tones, small, skinny limbs, large weirdly
      formed head and oil black eyes. Its arrival made Jack to check his
      watch, intentionally ignoring the silent attention his new quest
      received. "Thor, buddy. You're late."

      "My presence was required at the High Council, O'Neill."

      "General, if I may?" Jack asked before Hammond could speak. Jack knew
      that the Texan enjoyed their shock as much as he did.

      `Of course."

      Hammond, always the gentleman. "Girls, I would like you to meet Thor,
      Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet."

      "Thor, would you like to bow for the ladies?"

      Thor just looked at them. "Greetings."

      The response was quite what Jack expected. "Who the hell do you think
      you are!?"

      Monica's eyes were blazing with fire as she spoke the words. "Excuse
      me?" Jack asked.

      "You think you can manipulate us, bribe us, fool us? You think you
      can play for a freaking God with you magical flashing tricks, with
      your Roswell puppets, so that you can steal our Xander away from his
      friends and family? What arrogant selfish bastard do you think you

      No immediate response came from Jack or anybody else as Monica waited
      for her answer. Instead Faith, Dawn and a brown eyed girl took their
      places at Monica's side, with their attitude evident as they had
      their arms folded and waited for his answer. Jack remembered the
      brown-eyed girl as the last member of Xander's team. She had been
      added to his team on Willow's recommendation.

      "I think the lady is waiting," Faith demanded.

      Knowing that he had been wrong made it hard to defend himself. Jack's
      stubborn shortsighted view had brought him into trouble before, but
      this time he had blown any chance for a compromise. And he knew it.
      He could explain them that aliens were real, that the galaxy indeed
      was at war and the safety of it depended on him and that he really
      needed Xander. But, he also knew that all that mattered to them as
      much as computer science mattered to him. Willow, Daniel and Mr.
      Giles followed.

      While searching for the right words or preparing to crawl through
      dust, Jack wasn't sure yet, a single girlish voice filled the
      awkwardly quiet room. "Are you really an alien?" Jenny asked as she
      had moved over to Thor and studied him with wide eyes.

      "I am from the Asgard race, O'Brien."

      "Whoa!" she exclaimed. "Can I touch you?"

      Jack looked at the General. How did Thor know her name? "The Asgard
      race has agreed to send a representative on the mission as an

      Hammond had informed all responsible parties before he had informed
      him. "Ah."

      "Jenny!" The young Slayer jerked her head to Monica's aggravated
      voice. Jack couldn't help but to grin for Monica's impatience -
      despite the situation. "That creepy alien is here to take Xander away
      from us."

      "Really? We can come too, can't we?" she asked Thor excitedly.

      "No," Monica drawled. "We can not."

      "But that nice man said that we could," she whispered as she pointed
      at Jack.

      "He's not a nice man. He's an asshole. We're here to bring back one
      of our own." The young Slayer pointed at him as she spoke the next
      words. "Something that that man would never understand." Ouch! That
      really hurt. And touché … he deserved it.

      "Whoa!" Xander suddenly spoke. In all the mess Jack forgot about the
      young man in question. "Monica, you're crossing a line you shouldn't

      "Yeah? You would think so, wouldn't you? I can't believe you would
      leave us for that man, Xander!"

      The man's lone eye clashed with the girl's stare. He had seen through
      Xander's own eyes how Xander had been able to stare the shit out of
      evil before, but to see it for himself was quite the experience.
      Monica backed off. The one eyed man's gaze took in everybody who was
      standing at Monica's side. "I am the reason why you can't cross that

      Jack noticed how the man challenged Monica to respond, but she chose
      to remain silent. Smart kid. "Three years ago, Jack was held captured
      by an alien evil overlord in an impenetrable fortress. He was
      tortured and brought back to life more times anyone of us can
      imagine. All he had to do was to give up the name of a girlfriend he
      never had met. A girlfriend he only knew about for a few hours. He
      didn't give up because Jack wouldn't give up on anyone. Just like
      this base didn't give up on him."

      Jack saw the man's single eye roaming the room as passionately as he
      had spoken. For a moment it seemed that the young man was recalling
      events. Jack wondered what. Xander took a breath and continued with a
      soft tone. "For eight years I have shared a lot of his memories, his
      fantasies . . . his nightmares." The last word was almost a whisper,
      though clear enough for everybody to hear it. God, Jack realized, how
      much had Xander seen, felt from that day? "For years this man has
      been responsible for the safety of the entire galaxy. Now this man
      needs me, needs us. We can't turn our back on him, no matter how much
      we hate it. We can't turn our back on people who boldly risk their
      lives in a strange galaxy so that *we* are safe. No matter how
      dangerous it is for us. We don't have a choice."

      Nice speech. Bit corny, but okay. Everyone was silenced by the kid's
      words, even Daniel. Though he really had to swallow. . . Jack forced
      himself to speak as he pursed his lips. "Thanks."

      Some force seemed to squeeze out all the air as Jenny had wrapped her
      tiny arms around his waist in a bone crushing hug. "I am so sorry,"
      she whimpered.

      He stroked the girl's hair. "Hey, it's not your mistake. It's mine. I
      am the one who's sorry."

      He looked at Xander's little team in front of him and raised an
      eyebrow. "So, ready to go?"
    • W.B. Haden
      OUTSTANDING! Love the speach at the end. Bill ============ W.B. Haden
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        Love the speach at the end.



        W.B. Haden
      • Koos van Winden
        ... Thanks.
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          > Love the speach at the end.
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