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  • Xandergate@yahoogroups.com
    Aug 1 5:43 AM
      XanderGate List Rules

      1) The Welcome Message is part of the list rules. Anything in that message should be considered a rule even if it is not repeated in this list.

      2) All posts must obey the Yahoo terms of service. If you have any doubts, contact Koos or one of the moderators of this list.

      3) All new members are moderated because of prior problems with spammers. Your status will be changed after your first relevant on-topic post to this list.

      4) Appropriate Subject Tags should be used when possible. A listing is available at the end of this message.

      5) This list is not age-restricted, so content that contain mature themes such as excessive violence, graphic sex, excessively obscene language, or slash will not be permitted.

      6) It is expected that long time and active members (including the other moderators) will speak-up in a reasonable fashion should a problem occur or contact Koos or Teri.

      7) If there are any disputes it is my list and I have the last word.

      Your List God

      Written: June 28, 2005

      A Partial List of Subject Tags
      OT: Off-topic

      For Stories posted directly to the list.

      If you label the post "FIC REC" Please take the time to include a
      story summary if easily available AND please say something about the
      story. If you really enjoyed it and think others will too, please
      say why. If there is something wrong with the story but is still
      worth reading please let us know.

      If you label the post "FIC LINK" you don't even have to have read
      it. It is considered reader beware. 1) Use this selection if you
      just want to offer the link, didn't like the story, but thought
      someone else would. 2) Use it if you know it is suppose to be a
      smart Jack story, but haven't had time to read it. 3) Use it if you
      liked it but don't have the time to tell us why.

      Quest: If you have a question about the show, fanfic, whatever.

      Disc: Topic that is for the aim of discussion.
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