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407Ficlet addendum

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  • Alex Mcpherson
    Jun 2, 2014
      Then harris added, "Although if I knew we were facing Alien Snakes, yeah I'd have just said no. Already had to face a snake, though he was sixty feet long, and otherwise large enough for a guy to sit in it's mouth, jaw closed, and be swallowed whole.... Kinda sorta."

      Alexander Stephen Feklar David Lyra Thomas Mcpherson
      Take that, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

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      Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2014 16:48:50 +0100
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      "Sir, this translation is wrong..."

      SG-1 looked up from the briefing of newbies at the man who dared say such.

      "I mean, the gist is right... but the actual meaning is supposed to be, it was discarded, lost, not, forgotten about, lost."

      Daniel blinked, looked at the piece in the briefing file, and looked up impressed. "You know Ancient?"

      "Ancient Cirellan? Yeah, I do."


      "That's the name of the people who made this language... Though some human-like fore-runners did kinda steal the language. Kinda in that, their own language was long lost, if there ever had been, and the Cirellan's had the human-like people as slaves... so it's kinda like how ancient egyptian and Ancient Goa'uld pretty much melded and the modern version of the latter is a dialect of ancient egyptian. what? Is there something on my face?"

      Jack stared, and after a minute, asked, "How do you know this stuff, Lieutenant Harris?"

      Harris shrugged, "I was involved in things far weirder than the SGC in high school, sir."

      "Weird, how? You can't get weirder than Aliens." Someone spoke up.

      "I had the choice between joining the air force's SGC, the Navy's SEAL team Forty Two, the Marines' whatever it was called and the Army's Initiative in my hometown, sir. But I had a bad experience with being mutated into a fish monster because of a former Soviet experiment that my schools' swim team coach used to try and make a winning team, the Marines are more balls than brains and... well, despite popular opinion, I do actually have a brain... and the Initiative tried to kill my friends, instead of the enemy. Not a surprise for you, Since they were under the command of a civilian researcher..." Jack's face blanched at that part, "Yeah, I spent about five hours yelling at the people responsible for her appointment for that bit. I've hated the NID ever since." Jack blinked, "Maybourne was the only one who was surprised by who was in command, and spent an hour of his own yelling... Nice guy... just got the wrong priorities." Jack frowned. "So That leaves the SGC... and I always wanted to travel to other planets." He tilted his head, "Although the bosses were surprised when they realised I knew about it before being briefed. They don't believe how I know is possible."

      Jack blinked. 

      "Oh my god, he's worse than you Jack." Daniel grumbled.

      Alexander Stephen Feklar David Lyra Thomas Mcpherson
      Take that, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

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