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366Re: Prime stupidity

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  • B.E.M.
    Sep 10, 2010

      --- In Xandergate@yahoogroups.com, "solunvar" <solunvar@...> wrote:
      > Ah, I think you're mistaken. There can only ever be one active First Prime (Teal'c to Apophis) though there is an apprentice system in place, like Bra'tac who retired from that aspect. As anyone who had an important position for a long time, you'll still have the respect of others and will be on call - for council and as a reserve First Prime.
      > Remember that First Primes are the only ones whose marks are gold and not just a tattoo. Of the Jaffa who appear in the ninth season, I don't remember seeing any with golden marks except for Teal'c and Bra'tac.
      > Doubtlessly there's more to Jaffa hierarchy than that. Who's in command of a Ha'tak will no doubt be trusted more than the bloke guarding the rings. But that's not something I remember being talked about on screen.
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