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364RE: [Xandergate] Prime stupidity

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  • Brad Coleman
    Sep 6, 2010
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      Look at it this way, The Goul'd in charge blames him for every error his forces make and then tortures him. I know I would take every chance to be out of the presence of someone who acted like that.
      He also likely leads every mission that is taking place in a star system where the Goul'd he is working for is currently located. Just to make sure that nothing goes wrong within his masters sight. Or if something does go wrong, he stands a good chance of being able to fix it or dying for his "God".
      Regards Brad

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      Subject: [Xandergate] Prime stupidity

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      Why in every fiction is it the FIRST prime who's leading every single
      mission no matter how piddly it is?

      First Prime is equivalent rank to a Joint Chief of Staff in the
      American military. They're mostly occupied with running the army.

      Granted, Goa'uld FPs also sometimes have bodyguard duties to the head
      Goa'uld, but they don't go on EVERY MISSION!

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