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  • charlesnewton21
    Aug 31, 2010
      --- In Xandergate@yahoogroups.com, Teri <garnet_tm@...> wrote:
      > Congratulations on your new group!!!!!
      > Name: Teri
      > Gender: Female
      > Favorite BtVS character and Stargate character:
      > BTVS: Xander (followed by Giles)
      > SG-1: Jack
      > Atls: Rodney
      > Favorite Pairing: Xander/Cordy, McKay/Weir,
      > Jack/Janet
      > Favorite Goa'uld: A Dead One. - Hathor I suppose
      > Favorite Ship: The Enterprise - I'm a sucker for the
      > classics. I suppose after that would be the Minnow
      > and the Pacific Princess. :) Not what you meant is
      > it?
      > A challenge you would like to see written into a fic:
      > That fits this groups parameters? Hmmm . . .
      > Any or all of the following:
      > 1) Joyce is an ascended.
      > 2) Giles knew Catherine and he mentioned Daniel's
      > theories to her - so Stargate is actually Giles'
      > fault.
      > 3) Xander insists that Jack is really some legendary
      > guy called MacGyver, but no one believes him. :)
      > 4) Xander is related to either Janet or Hammond or
      > both.
      > 5) Giles and Elizabeth dated at some point.
      > 6) Rodney is somehow connected to Sunnydale.
      > Does that cover everything?
      > Teri
      {Sighs} Might as well be my turn:
      Name: Charles
      Favorite BtVS character and Stargate character(s):Xander/Faith/Dawn Jack and Sam, Daniel and Sha'iri
      Favorite Pairing:See above
      Favorite Goa'uld (bad): Amnesia Woman Whose Name I Forget
      Favorite BtVS/Stargate Crossover Story: Xander is Jack's son stuff
      A challenge you would like to see written into a fic: Halloween in which Jack & Xander 'swap' bodies; afterwards Jack /has/ to find out if it really happened, and if so, what happened to the kids, with fallout all around, it being Jack and Xander, Chaos Avatars Extra Ordinary!
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