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  • ...impenetrable at the best of times, and in the few years I've been using XSL-FO, I've never had this particular situation come up. --->Ben
    Ben Trafford Jun 1, 2005
  • ...flow paginate correctly between one headered and footered page and another kind of headered/footered page. Is that clearer? --->Ben
    Ben Trafford May 31, 2005
  • ...many pages) Footer (only appears after the Body) Any help or basic examples to get me started would be vastly appreciated. --->Ben
    Ben Trafford May 30, 2005
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  • i have embedded fop in a java project and i don't knoww how to let it work in quiet mode, any one know how?
    Ben Abdallah May 25, 2004
  • ...know how I can pass parameters from templates to other templates without producing an invalid xsl-file? Thank you for your reply! Ben van Mol
    splifke Sep 10, 2002
  • Hey all, I am currently working in converting an XML file to HTML. All is running smooth except for the trouble I am having with losing line breaks. In past development, some nodes were written with large text bodies, and inherent formatting as seen below: this is the text. blah blah. Why wasnt i split up much more nicely? blah blah. This is a number list: 1. line one 2. line 2...
    Chris Bender Jun 18, 2002
  • Hi, I am facing the same exact problem. From what I have seen so far, only the Unix version of Acrobat Reader supports command line arguments. However the Windows version has a simple DDE interface. This is described in the "Acrobat IAC Overview" and "Acrobat IAC Reference" documents from the Acrobat SDK which can be downloaded from www.adobe.com. Please let me know if you find a...
    Beney, Nicolas Nov 28, 2001
  • Hi all! I use attribute 'xsl:use-attribute-sets' as intended :) However, I can't figure out how can I choose from several attribute sets? Scenario is like this: I want to decide which attribute set will be used based on the value of attribute "@some-attr How can I do that without copying and pasting all fo:block for each condition ? thnx +--- ---+ patrik.beno@qbizm.com|inmail.sk...
    Patrik Beno Aug 28, 2001
  • Hi. I have XSL which uses 'xsl:use-attribute-sets' atribute to include attributes set. In some circumstance I want to override/redefine values of some attributes -- based on the values passed. i.e. if attribute fake-attr="1.0" was defined in attributes set, how can I multiply this value with some other value... can i access elements/attributes in the output tree. If so, please tell...
    Patrik Beno Aug 27, 2001
  • On Monday, 23 July 2001 20:51, Patrik Beno wrote: > Please note that XML is not a database. Everything is possible but > things are going to slow down if you use them inproperly. > I am not an expert and my advices may not be the best. Comments are > welcome. > XML must be parsed prior to any sensible use. SAX parsing is much > quicker than DOM, although it is not so 'comfortable...
    Patrik Beno Jul 23, 2001