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Inventive Designers launches Scriptura XBOS 4.0

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  • Klaas_Bals@inventivedesigners.com
    PRESS RELEASE For immediate releaseInventive Designers launches Scriptura XBOS 4.0 The next generation output solutionHoboken, Belgium - April 28, 2005.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2005
      For immediate release

      Inventive Designers launches Scriptura XBOS 4.0
      The next generation output solution

      Hoboken, Belgium - April 28, 2005. Inventive Designers proudly announces
      the release of Scriptura XBOS 4.0, the industry leading XSL-based business
      output suite. Expanding upon the open standards Scriptura XBOS is based
      on, Inventive Designers has taken business output creation and
      multi-channel delivery to the next level.
      Highlights of this newest version include reusable objects, that are
      created once and can be used many times. This significantly reduces design
      time when objects like company logo, header, footer etc. are used in
      multiple documents. A reusable object can be updated in one place and the
      change will be automatically reflected in every document that uses this
      object. The new WebDAV based repository allows storage of Scriptura
      templates, images files and data sources. Another new feature are dynamic
      charts. Creating charts is easy by using a wizard to dynamically generate
      different types of charts based on dynamic data in your document.
      Performance and scalability have improved significantly, making Scriptura
      XBOS a perfect fit for high volume environments.
      As from Scriptura XBOS 4.0, taking data from a custom data source has also
      been made available, as well as RFT import which is important because now
      a customer can import its existing MS Word documents in Scriptura XBOS.

      Keywords to remember with regard to Scriptura XBOS 4.0 are multi-platform,
      open standards, multi-channel delivery, object repository, charts,
      reusable objects, custom data source input and import of RTF documents.

      Scriptura XBOS is a document output solution that enables you to take any
      input like XML, spooled & text data, relational database, Lotus Notes,
      custom data source, RTF etc, and process this on any given platform into
      an output format of your choice like PDF, AFP, XML, HTML, TIFF, XSL-FO,
      PNG, JPEG, PostScript, paged XSL-FO etc.

      Among other Scriptura XBOS users like Total (FR), US Postal (US), Fortis
      Lease (BE) etc, some of the latest Scriptura XBOS users are big names like
      Dexia Bank (BE), Nike (BE), DaimlerChrysler (D), Securitas (BE), Bell
      South (US), Winterthur (BE) and many others.

      Inventive Designers is an international player that develops innovative
      software for the production and management of electronic output. Because
      of the fact that the software is based on open standards, the customer is
      not being forced in a certain technological direction and thus can keep
      all options open. Inventive Designers is also a member of different
      taskforces within the World Wide Consortium (W3C), the international
      organization that develops and sets the open standards.
      Inventive Designers has won already a number of awards with their software
      in the past, and has just gotten awarded on the CeBIT 2005 in Hanover with
      the 'Platinum European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia'.

      Klaas Bals - CTO
      Inventive Designers
      Direct Phone: +32 - 3 - 8210183
      Office Phone: +32 - 3 - 8210170
      Office Fax: +32 - 3 - 8210171
      Email: Klaas_Bals at inventivedesigners dot com

      Inventive Designers - Keep your options open...

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