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Re: [XSL-FO] Need embedded page sequence functionality

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  • G. Ken Holman
    ... Yes, that is the dead tree version of my revisable PDF book that I sell off my web site (details there on the perpetual free update policy). ... There
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 21 5:44 PM
      At 2004-09-21 11:43 -0700, Peter Wu wrote:
      >Would you be the very same Ken G. Holman who written
      >the book "Definitive XSL-FO"?

      Yes, that is the "dead tree" version of my revisable PDF book that I sell
      off my web site (details there on the perpetual free update policy).

      >I hope that what I'm about to suggest isn't too
      >radical (or too dumb) of an approach but I have need
      >for and would like to help extend XSL-FO to enable the
      >declaration of custom page counters within an XSL-FO
      >page sequence.

      There are two ways to get an extension you need: (1) extend an existing
      implementation using an extension namespace and custom code (that,
      unfortunately, wouldn't be portable), and (2) submit your requirements to
      the W3C XSL Working Group so they can view your needs in light of all of
      the other requirements they've gathered.

      Manufacturers are open to considering extension functionality if they see
      it as improving their chances of making their software attractive to users.

      >If I do this and want to do it right, what procedure
      >should I follow?

      Send detailed requirements and real-world problems to
      mailto:xsl-editors@... as indicated in the preamble of the Recommendation.

      >To whom should I submit my idea for approval?

      Actually, it is my understanding of the process that you don't submit
      implementation ideas to the W3C group, you submit detailed requirements and
      real-world use-cases so that the committee can divine a solution in harmony
      with the existing workings and requirements from other users with needs of
      which you would not be familiar.

      To participate in brainstorming actual solutions, try to get involved in
      the committee process itself through official channels. It is a wonderful
      group of people to work with and I've known many of them for many years,
      long before XML was defined.

      >By the way, is what I'm suggesting already being
      >considered for the next version of XSL-FO anyways?

      I have not been able to make enough time to work on the W3C committee, as
      my volunteer efforts are currently split between OASIS and ISO. Too many
      committees, not enough time. I cannot comment at all on your proposed
      solution, sorry.

      Good luck in your work with XSL ... be sure to be as detailed as possible
      and illustrate your real-world problems as clearly as possible so that you
      make the work of the committee members easy, which should help them
      consider how to most appropriately meet your requirements in the scope of
      the entire Recommendation and their plans of which you and I are not aware.

      ......................... Ken

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