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XML Editor V3.2 & XSL Formatter V3.2 Beta Release Information

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  • Keiko Hiraide
    XML Editor V3.2 & XSL Formatter V3.2 Beta Release Information September 2, 2004 Antenna House, Inc. Antenna House is pleased to inform you that our
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      XML Editor V3.2 & XSL Formatter V3.2 Beta Release Information

      September 2, 2004
      Antenna House, Inc.

      Antenna House is pleased to inform you that our editor/parser application
      [XML Editor V3.2] is now on the market. And XSL-FO processor
      [XSL Formatter V3.2 Beta] is now available.

      [XML Editor V3.2]

      [Antenna House XML Editor V3.2] is a software that combines two tools.
      One is XML Editor, an editor to edit your complex XML documents by
      displaying elements in tree view, and using assist tools to input tags
      easily that ordinary text editor can not do. And the other is XML Parser,
      a parser application, which verifies if the XML document and DTD under
      the edit is correct by comparing with the XML specification.

      The main features of [Antenna House XML Editor V3.2].
      * Supports a wide variety of character encodings
      It is compatible with various character encodings. A supported character
      encoding will be automatically detected when the file is opened. You can
      also specify the character encoding for reading or writing files.

      * Supports the display of Unicode
      All characters of Unicode can be displayed as long as the font is
      appropriate. It is possible to edit the document with displaying the
      language, such as not only English, Japanese but also Chinese (Simplified
      Chinese and Traditional Chinese) and the language of main Western Europe.

      * Easy Tagging in XML View
      Three modes for viewing document, Text View, Browser View and XML View, are
      available. In XML View, XML document can be displayed in a tree structure
      and you can edit it more efficiently and visually.

      * Abundant convenient functions for inputting of tags
      Quick Menu and Input Assist Features navigate you to edit tags easily.
      You can insert several pre-registered tags just by selecting tags from
      the list of quick manu or DTD. XSLT/Xpath Input Palette also assists
      you to input various syntax elements such as XSLT/XPath functions and
      operands for Stylesheet.

      * Edit Assist Tools
      XML Parser verifies your document, and Table Editor helps you to insert
      table whether simple or complex with combined cells, as if you are in a
      spreadsheet application. These functions can be used by synchronizing.

      * For more information, please visit our WEB page for
      [Antenna House XML Editor V3.2];

      Trial version is now available.
      Antenna House invites you to download the trial version of
      [Antenna House XML Editor V3.2] so that you can see for yourself how it
      works. Please visit our WEB site and try it now!

      [XSL Formatter V3.2 Beta]

      [XSL Formatter V3.2 Beta] is now available providing you with
      the function of MathML drawing by utilizing our direct rendering
      module. XSL Formatter MathML Option enables to draw Mathematical
      Markup Language (MathML) 2.0 defined by W3C. It's possible to draw
      high resolution images in PDF.

      We would appleciate it if you could test our new V3.2 Beta before
      the release of V3.2. The more feedback you give us now, the better
      the final version of V3.2 will be.

      What's new with V3.2 Beta after the release of Alpha
      *Enhances the function of MathML drawing. MathML function will be
      enhanced continuously.
      *Enhances the function of TIFF. Supports to transform the pallet
      color image into alpha. Supports the CIEL*a*b color space.
      *Makes it possible to embed PDF within a PDF.
      *Supports EUDC, end user defined character.

      To join the testing, please refer to the following page.

      Thank you.
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