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Re: [XSL-FO] need help with images

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  • Chris Bowditch
    swapnareddygari wrote: ... Not too hard, something like this:
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 25, 2004
      swapnareddygari wrote:


      > i used this <fo:external-graphics src="url(apple.jpg)"/>
      > but i dont want to write the image file name here.
      > i want to write and xsl where
      > <xsl-template matches="Cont_Image">
      > when it finds a tag with name <cont_image> it should add the content
      > of that tag to xsl as an url for the image

      Not too hard, something like this:

      <xsl:attribute name="src">
      <xsl:value-of select="cont_image"/>

      The exact expression required in the select attribute will depend on the
      rest of your stylesheet.


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