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Re: [XSL-FO] Re: Fixed-length space that does not stretch from justification

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  • G. Ken Holman
    ... I ve confirmed that the following fragment I gave to you in the earlier email message works just fine:
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 29, 2003
      At 2003-08-29 21:39 +0000, louis_meigret wrote:
      >But does it makes sure that the no space gets produced around it as
      >the justification algorithm seeks to justify a paragraph ? This is
      >not what I saw.

      I've confirmed that the following fragment I gave to you in the earlier
      email message works just fine:

      <block text-align="justify" font-size="20pt">
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
      with<leader leader-length="2pt"/>2pt<leader
      leader-length="12pt"/>12pt xxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      The justification does not grow the leaders because the leaders have a
      specified length that implies a maximum (and minimum) length. Therefore,
      justification will grow the spaces.

      Note how in the above I abutted the leader directly against the text with
      no intervening space. If you have any intervening space (including new
      lines) in your example, then the space or the space implied by the new line
      will grow in justification.

      I hope this helps.

      .................. Ken

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