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Re: [XSL-FO] is there an xsl-fo processor that passes instream-foreign-object

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  • W. Eliot Kimber
    ... Hmmm--that s very interesting. I wasn t aware of this ability in the newest Acrobat. I requested from Antenna House that they support inline EPS data,
    Message 1 of 20 , Jul 30 9:06 AM
      bryan wrote:

      > Newer PDF readers should of course understand embedded svg
      > http://www.codecuts.com/mainpage.asp?webpageid=2571 , so that was
      > another reason, if I could pass in the svg unaltered I could then also
      > pass in rdf namespaced in the svg. This would lead to compatibility
      > problems but dependent on application requirements this might be
      > acceptable.

      Hmmm--that's very interesting. I wasn't aware of this ability in the
      newest Acrobat.

      I requested from Antenna House that they support inline EPS data, which
      they implemented in their 2.5 version. It can't be very hard to extend
      that to include passing SVG into the output PostScript or PDF. Put I can
      imagine that they would want to wait until Adobe publishes the specs for it.

      The question would still remain of whether the rendered SVG images have
      the same level of quality as the equivalent EPS graphics. The reason I
      asked for inline EPS was so that I could easily generate graphical
      decorations, such as rounded boxes, without having to manage a bunch of
      external graphics that the style sheet would depend on. I need EPS for
      this because SVG was not producing sufficient quality using the Adobe
      SVG plugin (which is what Antenna House uses for rendering SVG graphics).

      But if the latest Acrobat renders SVG with the same quality as EPS, then
      I would move to SVG, for this application and for others (for example,
      many of my customers want to be able to manage localized graphics as XML
      data, which they can't do today).

      Other promissing technologies include XEP's announcement of built-in
      support for SVG rendering and the SVG-to-PostScript transform that is
      part of the Batik project (confusingly referred to as a rasterizer, even
      though it is not doing rasterization, but I quibble).


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